Piano Lessons

In-home, private instruction for you or your child

Contact: sarahslonim@gmail.com 

Goals and Benefits

  1. Enjoyment. My number one goal is to develop an appreciation of music and playing the piano in my students. If a student doesn't find enjoyment in one learning method, I will continue to try others until something works. I use several games and motivational tools to make learning the piano more fun and rewarding.
  2. Comprehensive development of skills. I teach several skills that are essential to learning how to play music.  This ensures all-around development and means I can cater to different types of learners. These approaches include Ear-training, Music Theory, and Note-reading. 
  3. Preparation for any style. I help all students develop the tools they will need to be the musician they want to be.  In addition to Ear-training, Music Theory, and Note-reading, I teach proper technique and introduce students to improvisation and group playing. From this base, students can develop skills necessary to play classical, jazz, or any other type of music. 
  4. Inspiration. I play for my students during lessons and also play recordings of music that will inspire them to keep working hard and develop their appreciation of music.
  5. I go to you! In-home lessons mean that you don't have to drive to and from lessons every week!
  6. Recitals. Once a year I offer a recital during which students perform for their families and for each other.  This gives students a chance to meet and be inspired by one another, work up material to performance level, and share the results of their hard work with others.




  • How young can kids start piano lessons? My youngest students have started at age five and are doing well; however, some families choose to wait until children are six or seven to begin lessons. 
  • Do you teach adults in addition to kids? Yes. 
  • What are your rates? My rate is $100 for one hour in one home and $55 for half an hour in one home.  Travel fees may apply for families outside my regular areas. 
  • How long should lessons be? I suggest that students take 30-minute lessons in the beginning.  For more experienced students, I recommend 60-minute lessons.
  • How often should lessons occur? Lessons should occur once a week to ensure retention and development.